dear 2017

The year before 2017 has been the worst year so far in my life. not because something bad have happened but because I have come to realize something. You cannot rely on someone else and hope that they will make you a better person or make you happy or at all make a change for yourself that you want. you have to do it on your own. I am in desperate need of a lot of changes in my life, because i cannot keep living like I do, I am longing for something more and better for myself. My mental health need a sort out as well as the rest of my health. But i need a support system as well that want all good for me and dont use me or make fun of me in a bad way behind my back. I need real people who I can talk with and trust. Most important I and everyone else who lives on planet earth needs other humans we can trust, someone to share information and have fun with. a person or a selection of persons that loves you as much as you love them. this is important.  2016 have been a year where I have found out a lot about myself or opened up to find out more about myself… I still love photography, filming and writing even though I tend to sometimes have pauses between every time I decide to take it up again.

structure is important, remember that Sandra. Stay open minded and be the best version of you that you can be. wear the things that you want to wear and feel good in, do the makeup in the colors that you want to and dont let anyone bring you down for it. You only live once and should not let people decide how you live it. you are the master of your own life. take you tablets, drink more water and eat more vegetables! yoga is good for you. school is the most boring thing, you can quit if you want to. But remember that if you do, you really have to find a job that makes you real money. youtube is a great community, if you ever feel sad,lonely or anything along those lines, you know what to do. Dont stop sharing whats on your mind, you feel better afterwards. Read more books. listen to music, it calms you down. Dont say yes when you want to say no. Think before you act. remember the happy moments of 2016 and learn from the bad, unhappy moments of 2016.


2017 please be better then 2016

Happy new year`s to the beautiful soul who actually read all this! I hope 2016 was a better year for you. I send you loads of positivity and love.



Things in my room!

Hi and Hello!

I am under a prosess of changing my room. For the past 2-3 years I have had mint green/ turquoise colors in my room, and I´m really not feeling those colors anymore. Its time for a change! And I went shopping a few days ago and bought some new things, with not a single mint green/ turquoise color in any of the things. There is obviously a lot of other things that is going to be done in my room but over longer time. But for now I added a few things, next step is to get ridd of a few things. I just can`t decide which one yet… The reason I can`t decide is probably because of my need for storage places. But I will keep you updated on that.





Hey !

I wanna start a new thing here on my blog, I have already told you I want to do more fashion related blog posts. But I am going to be using the hashtag phasion. The reason why is because I am going to be taking outfit pictures on my Iphone to post on here. So therefore I combined the words phone and fashion, #PHASION! Today I am going out for dinner so I felt like dressing up a bit with my new H&M pants that I love ever so deeply. I also got some funky eyeshadow going on ( angelemoji , cause why not ) For some reason writing, photography and filming calms me down. I have been incredibly stressed out, I`m talking neck pain, no sleep, headache stressed out for the past few months. And I feel like I have once again lost my way a little bit, but I´m finding my way back finally. So now that I can finally concentrate enough to do the things that I´ve missed doing the most, I´m happy. These H&M pants makes me so happy !!


Looking forward to all the cool #PHASION moments ahead!!



Outfit of the other day

Hey !

I do love fashion and I want to share a bit of fashion with you, actually  I have always loved fashion. I`ve also had a bunch of different styles through out my life, cause I love to explore. I am most certainly not proud of all the clothes I have worn as of the 18 years I have lived, for example culottes. Yeah they might have been cool back then, but definitely not something I would wear now. Thats for sure. Anyway I´m going to stop writing now and let you see my outfit of the other day!


I do love me some black jeans! the jeans are from bikbok , leather jacket is from Vero moda and my hoodie is from adidas if anyone was wondering. Oh and my sunglasses is from Lindex.



Its been a while, I do not intend to take this much time between my posts. This time I did, next time I won`t. Life is good, a bit stressful now that I have a lot of things happening very soon. But all in all I´m good. I feel like I´m better then ever actually. I´m soon turning 18 and I can`t wait, literally….  I´m ready for some partyytimee! I don`t want to bore you with all the borings that I have been doing since last time we talked.  But I went on a walk the other day and took with me my phone, my dear phone who managed to capture some pretty cool pictures that I took on that walk. A very suitable subject for both the pictures and well timeout I have had; shaddow. If you think hard enough you`ll get it.