I enjoy


I just wrote a good paragraph but it got deleted so I am going to recreate what I started to say in the best way I can. I just watched a movie, the art of getting by to be exact and I feel inspired. When I feel inspired I write, I also write in my head a lot when I think. the way I think my thoughts is as if I where writing a diary or some type of book thing. I really hope I can write a book one day actually, I really like writing. I like writing when I feel inspired as now. I am so tired though, its currently 23:41 at night here in Norway which is really cold but beautiful now. All the colors of autumn is here and I really enjoy this time of the year, all though I would not mind if it where a bit warmer. I thought that since I have been talking about quite deep thoughts lately, I should change it up a bit and talk about some of the things I really enjoy in life.

I enjoy a good walk in the forest or near any beautiful landscape

I love autumn because its the time of the year when I can put on my cozy sweaters again

I really like life when I feel like I can do anything, when I feel inspired

I like when I feel like I have accomplished something

I love when I find nice shoes, I love shoes!

I also really like it when I get to buy new clothes

I love it when I listen to good songs and sing along because I actually can the lyrics

I love when I read  a book and feel like I´m a part of it in a way

I love the smell of a good vanilla candle burning

I like it when I dare to do something that I want without thinking about other peoples opinions

I guess I wanted to let you know that I am also into other things than writing about my feelings, which is sometimes very deep. I am a very unpredictable person, thats for sure.


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