should I change?

My brain is a mush, a mush of all the emotions there is. There is so many things that I look back on now that I should have done differently, I´ve been mad and frustrated all week and for what reason?

People can be to much, and people can do things that is just to much for me or anyone to handle. I feel like I have been the person that does to much, and is to much for anyone to handle. I have so much going on in my head and its all playing on repeat. where else would the thoughts and inner battles go but out of my mouth. My big mouth is to big, that now even I can see and feel it. I´m glad though, that I can see it now, cause that makes me learn in order to change. I dont want to be that person to complain and be a big mouth. This is not me. I dont want to be that person. I want to be a person that can be trusted, have compassion and be positive. how can I change that? what could make me, me again. More sleep, be more aware of what really is coming out of my mouth and out into the open. Yeah that sounds about right, when will I have the time to make all these things happen? Hopefully somewhere in the future.



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