Hey !

I wanna start a new thing here on my blog, I have already told you I want to do more fashion related blog posts. But I am going to be using the hashtag phasion. The reason why is because I am going to be taking outfit pictures on my Iphone to post on here. So therefore I combined the words phone and fashion, #PHASION! Today I am going out for dinner so I felt like dressing up a bit with my new H&M pants that I love ever so deeply. I also got some funky eyeshadow going on ( angelemoji , cause why not ) For some reason writing, photography and filming calms me down. I have been incredibly stressed out, I`m talking neck pain, no sleep, headache stressed out for the past few months. And I feel like I have once again lost my way a little bit, but I´m finding my way back finally. So now that I can finally concentrate enough to do the things that I´ve missed doing the most, I´m happy. These H&M pants makes me so happy !!


Looking forward to all the cool #PHASION moments ahead!!




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