I have had to take a step back to think a bit more about why and whatfore I am doing this, not because I was unsure of wither or not I was to continue writing this blog but because I had to. I am that type of person that crave inspiration, otherwise things don`t really work for me. Like I do things but don`t really want to do them so I just kind of stop up while moving forward. you know?  days pass but I don`t really feel like I got something out of those days. Today I watched a lot of funny videos on youtube( yeah….) and then I felt like writing. Its like I can`t control what I`m doing because I don`t know when I´ll be doing them. I want to do things full heartedly so Its purely from me and my brain and all that, that is why I haven`t been writing for awhile and I`m not going to apologize about that. Not that anyone have taken notice about my absence but you know.

since the last time this outsider have gotten herself a job! like a job I actually get paid for doing and stuff!! I am so so happy and cannot wait for pay day!! I am so proud of myself for getting that job, although my dad had something to do with me getting that job. My dad is not the one that had to sit in the job interview trying to impress without sounding nervous or weird, which is what I´m usually like by the way. And he was not the one getting that phone call saying he got the job, I did! If you couldn´t tell already I`m really exited and I hope I don`t mess it up! that would be something that I could end up doing since its me were talking about. But hell to the yesss I still got the job ! okey I´m going to stop freaking out about my job and move on like I should.

Its been a while since I have written in my #lifeofanoutsider series as well, obviously since I haven`t been writing for a while.. daha! right now I´m sitting by me desk with my sweater with hearts on( its really cozy and from primark) I also have my glasses on and my face is on to. I mean i don`t have any make up on.. yep its also really messy on my desk my makeup is everywhere and I have .. things everywhere and I kind of just popped my computer down and started writing because why not while I`m inspired to write. But seriously my desk is a mess, now you know that. I hope your desk isn`t as messy as mine and I also hope you, if you feel inspired( only if thats the case! very important!) would give me some feedback on my writing or whatever you want to comment on . That would be awsome, okey now I feel like I should probably stop writing on this blog post and begin another one so I don`t mess up this one. Yeah I´m gonna do that.

( idk what to call this picture, but I was happy so I`ll go with that)12287279_1017787861604640_1438797436_o.jpg

ok bye for now!

see you in next post !


gossipgirl (Just kidding)



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