I have now put my candles up on desk so its smelling nice and also looking cute, I wanted to have a cozy writing session. I don`t know if I can call it that, but I´m doing it anyway! Its been a while since I have properly sat down writing, I decided that today I was going to write. I have a few things that I am going to write about but I won`t write about them all today, today I am writing about home. What home is and means to me.


My room is my home in a way, I spend a lot time there and I hope that I´m not the only one that does consider my room as my home. I mean it is not literally my room I do indeed live with my family in house with my dog, but its the place that I feel the most relaxed in I guess. Just that is an important thing, to feel relaxed and comfortable. I am anxious a lot so its nice to feel relaxed, I do not only feel relaxed in my room. But thats the main place, the place where I do spend most of my time relaxing. I don`t have the money to travel on a spa trip every time I need to relax, my room will do. I do like to travel though, when I do I feel most comfortable and relaxed when the hotel room is bright with windows, I tend to feel clausrophobic when its dark and no windows. Traveling is my home in a way, I feel very alive and inspired. I think that is bit weird considering I have anxiety, But I do and have always loved traveling. Planes are my least favorite thing about traveling, its so many people, so little place and I hate going to the toilets. I usually avoid going to the toilet, but if I have to then I have to. As soon as I step out of that plane and out of the airport everything is fine, usually. I love seeing and experiencing a new place, seeing the sunset and sunrise, walks on the beach, watching a street entertainer, see how people dress and all those little things are things I enjoy about traveling. Just being in another country or a new city inspires me, I crave to be inspired. I hate not being inspired, that is usually when I sit in bed and do nothing. I see myself as a creative person so I guess that is why I crave being inspired so much, its killing me when I don`t know what write about or take pictures of. I feel good when I write or take photos, I would say that travel, writing, taking photos is definitely home to me. Home to me is not always a place, I feel comfortable doing things and those things are home. Home is what I know and don`t know. Its hard to explain, to make it understandable. But you know after all I am a confused and weird teenager ( outsider ).


My plan was for this to turn out more professional since I had this theme and all, but I just can`t do that. I`m gonna do me and today I didn`t write to much. Not because I choose a hard theme or anything, I guess I didn`t have that much on my mind today as I though I did. It might be because I don`t feel so good, I was at the dentist earlier today and did get Anesthesia and my tooth hurts. But I do want to say that I remember one or two things while traveling that I want to share with you. I was driving with my family and some friends by the big sure in California, we decided to stop and go down to one of the beautiful beaches along there and It was amazing, I remember that very well because I really loved that. Looking at the big waves and there was only us at the big beach, it was foggy but so beautiful. I want so bad to go back there, if you are going to California you should go there. I also remember when we spent some time in Monterey and still in California, its such a pretty place I loved it there! we went biking along the beaches and that was just so amazing. I would say that if you haven`t gone biking along the beaches in Monterey then you should do that sometime. I need to take a pain killer right now but I will write you some more soon!



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