Why do I take self portraits?

Hello there !

I wanted to bring this subject up because my mum asked me” why do you always take self portraits, when you can take pictures of the beautiful nature we have here in Norway for example?” and then I started to think about why I do take self portraits, and first off I want to say that I find taking portraits in general more fun and interesting. You can play around with feelings and stuff, I just find that way more fun than trying to make a leaf on the ground interesting and unique. But I do take other pictures as well, just so you know. IMG_0400

I now while writing this realized one more important thing, I would really like to make a change in this world. You know I want to have a say in this world to, influence other  people and tell my story in a way I guess. A camera have been almost by my side forever, my camera is therefore my way of expressing my feelings. through the lense I am able to get my feelings out in a whole new way, and I really hate crying and therefore I practically never do. Instead I take a photo that for me is a sad photo I guess. Feelings is what makes the picture and the picture makes the art, because a picture is art. Taking self portraits is making me more confident because thats what I do, that is a thing that I`m good at and makes me happy about myself. I don`t take pictures because I want everyone to see my face or anything, I take pictures to share my feelings or to share a part of me that is important. Not because I want to share my eyecolor or my perfect arm, I just make art. To me taking self portrait is art. The reason I share my feeling online is so I my way of talking about my feelings. My self portraits is my way of communicating with the world I guess.


I don`t know if this was understandable, but I tried my best. If you have any questions you can just ask.


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