About me


since I have a blog and all, I think a good thing to do once in a while is to talk about yourself. I don`t usually like to do that but I think I need to open up a bit more. Not that I am going to tell you everything but a bit more I guess. I don`t know how much you already know, that depends on wither or not I know you. To start off I want to say that I have had so many blogs, photography blogs, ramble blogs and yeah a lot blogs. But I want this blog to be different, not only because I didn´t really like how my other blogs turned out. But because I have changed and know more about what I want,  I now know that I want this blog to be somewhere I can be myself and share a part me with other people. I tend to not share or say much to other people about myself but I want that to change, I want to get to know more people. In order to do that I have to feel more confident so I decided to do things that I have always wanted to do, but never done because how afraid I was that other people would judge me. But just now I have understood that I should not be caring about what other people thinks about my choices, they are my choices for a reason.


I have for so many years thought about what other people thinks of me and all that, but I think now is the time to think about what I think of myself, all the things I want to achieve and of course do all the things I didn`t do because of being afraid to get criticised. I want to do all those things i did not do and I dare you to do the same.

I guess that was not that much facts but it was an important message from me to you, a thing that I think is important. Over to other things, if I could have a super power I would want to fly, if I would have won the lottery I would definitely go travel the world or something. I really like to bake, but a lot of the times while I bake I forget to put something in the baking bowl. Lets just say I have made a lot of amazing cakes taste horrible.. heheh I hate labels if you`ve read some of my other posts you already know this, but I really do hate them. I hate math, I just don`t get it. There is a lot of things I really such at when it comes to school, but I love to be creative. So I will not ever end up working as a engineer, lawyer or a real estate agent, I actually have no idea what I will end up working as. Maybe something related to art? who knows? I do online classes because I do not like public school very much. Bullies do that to you, make you doubt yourself. Well I am getting my admission and then maybe I will study photography, film making or art? I am writing the question mark because I`m not sure. All I know is that I need to love what I end up doing, otherwise I am going to not wanna go to work because I hate or don`t enjoy doing it. I don`t want that.

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when I was little I used to take out everything in one specific drawer except the bag with marshmallows, then climb into the drawer sit there and eat the marshmallows. haha what can I say? I love food. another thing I also love is rainy days because I usually take a bath, its just a day where I usually relax and to relaxing things I guess. I also like doing my makeup, I like playing around with different looks. I blush a lot, like I turn tomato red when I`m embarrassed which happens a lot. For some reason I like hats, I don`t think they suit my that good but I like them anyway. I have hypothyreose, and I was diagnosed when I was in fourth grade. I love dreamcatchers so much I have one tattooed on my arm

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I think I have told you enough about me for this time, its almost 800 words. and thats a lot words.I did not intend for this to be so long, it just kind of did. I hope I didn`t make you bored.

Have an awsome day/night or morning and be you!

love Sandra


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