feelin good


I write on here like I have many lots of readers, but I don`t. That does not stop me writing though, in fact it keeps me going for some odd reason. Todays topic is about feeling good, not only to feel god about yourself but feeling good in life, choices that you make or have made, school or just feeling good enough for example. I know a lot of people struggle with these kinds of things, and I wanted to bring up to tell that I do to. Also that feeling when you walk out your front door feeling crap about your make-up, cloths, that big essay you wrote  for school that you are about to deliver or just if everything feel wrong, that feeling is so incredibly devastating and not only that but its a powerful feeling. It hurts to not feel good I know that, everyone that deals with it knows that too. I wish there was a on and off button for that feeling, not that I would of wanted it to be on but you get the idea.

Trust is a big deal and I think why these feelings develops in the first place is because you, we many people are insecure in ourselves and what we do, like I mentioned earlier. I think we need to trust ourselves more, be ourselves and don`t let anyone else`s influence change that you feel good about yourself. I mean Usually or in my case there were a lot of people telling me I was a hoe and other cruel and disgustingly wrong words that made me feel bad about myself, obviously because they told me that was who I was. I have now come to realize that I never should have listened to them, they were telling me their opinion of me and I really regret believing in them. In the end not everyone can like you for how you do in life, how you choose to dress, what you decide to work as or who you fall in love with for example. Not everyone is going to accept you, but that is just the way it is and therefore you should trust yourself. I know that is a hard to do, I still deal with not feeling good enough.

All I want is for people to see that they should not let a few people opinions let them down, because .. well they are just a few peoples opinions anyway. It is far more important that you feel good about yourself, so I encourage you all to start caring more about what you need to do in order to feel good about yourself.  I have a suggestion for what one of the things could be : start giving a fuck in other peoples meanings about you, start caring about what you think of you. I am no professional writer or anything professional really, but I just like to write my meanings and stuff.

IMG_9022 kopi IMG_9023 kopi

“be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.” that is a quote by Henry David Thoreau that I think is a hell of a good quote.


2 thoughts on “feelin good”

  1. Strong, meaningfull and amazing words, Sandra! Thank you for sharing them 🙂 I think you just earned a new reader 😉


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