#lifeofanoutsider 2

Hello again

I am still a seventeen year old who practically lives in her room, but today I got some good news! I think I might have gotten myself a job and I can`t wait to star working in a couple of months. Yes I am super happy about getting a job. Other then being happy about getting myself a job I really want to travel, and write a book. I have always liked to write about things from how my day was to writing school essays, but I also want to share this in particular with other people. So that hopefully someone, maybe just one person can relate to what I am writing about or maybe that one person might just find it entertaining.

lets talk about labels, I hate them. But then why are you titeling your blog posts #lifeofanoutsider ? well … I mean why not? the world are already labeling everyone so why not label myself. you know. the reason I hate labels is because I don`t like when people judge other people, and by labeling someone a “blondie” or whatever you are practically saying that that one is dumb. And that my friend is judging another person, and I don`t get why we do that. We all do it even though we don`t want to because that is what everyone does these days or have always done(?). When I was a carefree three year old this was not something I did, but is that something three year olds do now? I have no idea  how but todays society is defintily changing and I don`t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet. We are in todays society living off of making youtube videos, blogging and posting things online and that I think is a great thing! things like a six year old is having an iphone and other technical devices that costs a lot of money is on the other hand not so good, i mean a six year old is a child who is suppose to be outside playing with his friends and not sitting inside playing video games or whatever. But who am I to judge really?

I sit inside all day on my computer doing school work, watching netflix (Vampire diaries season 5 to be exact) or editing photos and maybe a little bit of facebook even. I walk my dog and a couple of times a week I do yoga. Yep it sounds depressing and it is kind of.. But I do fun things sometimes, although I don`t feel very comfortable doing everything that is fun. I really really REALLY want to do more fun stuff and feel comfortable doing them though, like I have this crazy dream that once I am 18 and have enough money I will travel the world. Buy a one way ticket to Australia, Mrocco, India or maybe france where I just travel to a ton of places until my money runs out. I really want that to happen.  This have been quite the ramble hasn`t it? yeah I thought so….

until next time



2 thoughts on “#lifeofanoutsider 2”

  1. To both “lifeofanputsider”:
    I can relate to most of what you express through you words. Thank you for writing such posts! I really love reading them, and somehow I see myself in them.. (It’s kinda a weird feeling, but I like it).
    Pretty much: you just put words to my past, Sandra. Don’t stop posting 😉

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